N.B. Kids Under Five Eligible For Moderna Vaccine

Kids between the ages of six months and five years can now receive a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Government of New Brunswick.

Effective Tuesday, appointments can now be booked for the first week of August to receive the Moderna vaccine, which was approved by Health Canada for that age group on July 15.

“Since the beginning, vaccination has been a crucial way to protect individuals from the most severe impacts of COVID-19 and to help protect others,” said Dr. Yves Léger, acting deputy chief medical officer of health.

“COVID-19 is still with us, and, as children return to normal activities in the fall that are important to their growth and development, vaccination will be one more way that they can be protected.”

Children aged five to 11 have been eligible for a Pfizer vaccine since last November.

Appointments for children aged two or older may be scheduled through pharmacies or through a regional health authority’s online booking system.

Appointments for children under two, however, must be scheduled through a regional health authority’s online booking system.

Children under the age of 16 must have a parent’s or guardian’s consent to be vaccinated. A consent form is available online or at clinics.

Parents or guardians can schedule an appointment by using the online booking system or by calling 1-833-437-1424.