N.B. Opposition Calls On Premier To Lift Provincial Gas Tax

The interim leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party is calling on Higgs’ government to temporarily lift the province’s gas tax in the wake of rising fuel prices.

Roger Melanson tabled a motion in the legislature Thursday, urging the province to eliminate the tax by midnight on Friday.

“The Premier continues to stall, to deflect and to abdicate his responsibility to ensure that New Brunswickers who are in desperate need of assistance in the face of sky-high gas, housing and food costs get the relief they deserve,” said Melanson in a statement.

The government introduced two motions on Thursday, but neither will be debated until next month. Premier Blaine Higgs wants to ask Ottawa to eliminate its carbon tax of 11 cents per litre through the summer.

The Liberals, however, want the province to freeze the 11-cent tax at gas pumps. They are also asking officials to issue $500 cheques to every New Brunswicker making less than $25,000 a year.

Meanwhile, gas prices reached a record high on Thursday, coming in at $2.12 per litre.

“He has the authority and can take immediate action, said Melanson.

“Enough is enough – he needs to act now.”