Investigation Into Police Shooting Finds No Grounds For Charges

An investigation into the shooting of a civilian by an RCMP officer in St. Stephen, N.B., found no grounds for criminal charges.

Police responded to a call on Sept. 16, 2021, where they learned a person had assaulted someone with a machete.

Nova Scotia’s independent Serious Incident Response Team says the man still possessed the weapon when a subject officer and witness officer encountered him.

A report by the team says the man refused to drop the machete despite officers attempting to de-escalate the situation and approached both officers while wielding the weapon. He was shot by one of the officers, treated on scene and later taken to hospital.

“The subject officer had reasonable grounds to believe the force used was necessary to protect himself and his fellow officer from death or serious harm,” reads a press release from the Government of New Brunswick.

This investigation was undertaken at the request of Justice and Public Safety.

The full report on this incident is available here.