Avian Flu Found In Chicken Flock In Southeastern N.B.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it has confirmed Avian flu in a flock of chickens in southeastern New Brunswick.

According to the agency’s website, H5N1, a highly transmissible and deadly variant of avian influenza, was detected on April 25 in a “small flock” of poultry in Turtle Creek, N.B., about 20 minutes away from Moncton.

Officials say the birds were kept on private property and are not designated as a commercial flock.

An online map from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency shows the area where Avian Influenza was detected in New Brunswick. (Submitted: Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

The Canadian Wildlife Service found the first case in March when a great black-backed seagull in the Riverview area tested positive.

An online map showing the “infected zone” where the disease was detected also includes a “primary control zone” encircling it.

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the movement of birds, bird products or byproducts is prohibited without permission until the disease is deemed to be under control.

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