Furnace Oil, Diesel Prices Set Record High For N.B.

New Brunswickers woke up on Saturday morning to severe price hikes for furnace oil and diesel for the third day in a row.

New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board again invoked the interrupter clause on Friday night.

The maximum price for furnace oil increased by more than 16 cents, bringing its new total to just over $2.26 per litre.

Diesel prices also increased by a similar amount, coming in at nearly $2.47 per litre. Most stations are selling for a few cents less.

According to CBC News, last night’s adjustment is the highest price for both fuels since 2006, when New Brunswick implemented the Petroleum Products Pricing Act.

Based on the EUB’s website, diesel now costs 53 cents per litre more than it did on April 14. Within the last two weeks, that fuel’s pricing increased five times and only went down once.

Meantime, propane and regular self-serve gasoline prices stayed the same, coming in at around $1.30 per litre and $1.82 per litre, respectively.

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