Drivers Wake Up To Jump In Fuel Prices

Some drivers in New Brunswick woke up to a big spike in fuel prices Wednesday morning.

After New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board invoked its interrupter clause last night, the new maximum price for diesel jumped to around $2.24 per litre, an increase of more than eight cents.

Most local gas stations are selling for a few cents less.

Regular self-serve gasoline was not affected, with its maximum price staying at just under $1.83 per litre.

Furnace oil also went up by around nine cents and brought its new maximum price to nearly $2.04 per litre.

The interrupter clause is triggered if average market prices for fuel change by six or more cents per litre in a single day. The province’s maximum prices then change two days after at 12:01 a.m.

The New York Harbour barge price for diesel jumped seven cents on Monday and another 14.2 cents a litre on Tuesday.

New Brunswick fuel prices will adjust again at midnight on Wednesday, as per its regular schedule.

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