The Government of New Brunswick is offering a new service that aims to simplify child support obligations.

The Child Support Recalculation Service helps parents who are separated or divorced to ensure fairness to both the payer and recipient without returning to court.

New Brunswick Justice Minister Ted Flemming said in a news release it gives parents the chance to recalculate child support orders based on their income. He said it will benefit many parents by reducing the time, expense and stress spent in court.

“Going through a separation or divorce is already difficult enough for families,” said Flemming in the release.

“Providing this service relieves some of the pressure on parents, alleviating the need to return to court every year and allowing them to focus more on the well-being of their children and themselves. It will also ease the burden on our province’s court resources.”

According to the province, the service automatically recalculates support payments and the applicable proportionate shares of special expenses each year using child support guidelines and a person’s latest assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency.

More details about the new service can be found on the government’s website.